“Making good judgments when one has complete data, facts, and knowledge is not leadership - it’s bookkeeping” - Dee Hock

We appreciate the fact that every individual is different and so is every business. That is why we spend more time in understanding your business and your specific needs so that we can tailor our Bookkeeping solutions to suit your business needs.

Bookkeeping Services

  • Monthly Bookkeeping : It's important to stay on top of what's happening in your business, especially if the number of transactions are more.
  • Quarterly/Annual Bookkeeping : We understand that not all businesses necessarily need an update of books on a daily basis. We can tailor our Bookkeeping services to suit the size of your business transactions.
  • Bring you back : If you are behind with your Bookkeeping for whatsoever reason and looking for help to bring you back up to date with your books along with your in-house team, we are happy to lend our hands to get it done.
  • Remote working with personal touch : Although we work remotely to complete your Bookkeeping, we are just a phone call away to take your questions or we schedule regular monthly meetings to go through the numbers.
  • Payroll services : Calculate, account and provide information for monthly source deduction remittances. T4/T4 summary preparation and filing.
  • HST Filing : Monthly, Quarterly or annual HST filing.


Sai at MAPS bookkeeping helped me tremendously with my bookkeeping and record keeping last year.  he made the process extremely easy, and made sure that I was ready to file my taxes. I appreciate his help and we'll be using his services in the future!

Leonard Jay


About Us


My name is Saikumar and I am the owner of MAPS Bookkeeping and Tax Inc. We provide a comprehensive range of Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax services to small and medium size businesses all across GTA.

We take pride in being part of a successful story of our clients growing from small to medium to a large business. Along the way, we stand guard for your business and take care of your growth needs by providing you with necessary information to make effective decisions for your business and ensure that you stay compliant with all statutory requirements.

MAPS Bookkeeping & Tax Inc.

Saikumar, CPA