“Making good judgments when one has complete data, facts, and knowledge is not leadership - it’s bookkeeping” - Dee Hock

We appreciate the fact that every individual is different and so is every business. That is why we spend more time in understanding your business and your specific needs so that we can tailor our Bookkeeping solutions to suit your business needs.

Bookkeeping Services

  • Monthly Bookkeeping : It's important to stay on top of what's happening in your business, especially if the number of transactions are more.
  • Quarterly/Annual Bookkeeping : We understand that not all businesses necessarily need an update of books on a daily basis. We can tailor our Bookkeeping services to suit the size of your business transactions.
  • Bring you back : If you are behind with your Bookkeeping for whatsoever reason and looking for help to bring you back up to date with your books along with your in-house team, we are happy to lend our hands to get it done.
  • Remote working with personal touch : Although we work remotely to complete your Bookkeeping, we are just a phone call away to take your questions or we schedule regular monthly meetings to go through the numbers.
  • Payroll services : Calculate, account and provide information for monthly source deduction remittances. T4/T4 summary preparation and filing.
  • HST Filing : Monthly, Quarterly or annual HST filing.
  • Experienced and specialization in E-Commerce bookkeeping, Lawyers and Law firms, Real Estate agents/firms, doctors (physiotherapy, Chiropractor, General surgeon etc).
  • Clients include landscaping business, Personal Fitness, Residential and Commercial cleaning, Immigration etc.


“Accounting is the language of business” - Warren Buffet

With experience we realize that accounting should suit your specific situation and not generalised. It all starts with understanding your business and information needs to customize our services to you and your business. Whether you have a start up business or an already established business we will work with you to develop a customized accounting system that works for you.

Start-up Accounting : It is often the last thing that a business would have on their list of to-do things when it comes to start-up. However, having right information at right time and in right language is important for business owner to make sound decisions. We ensure that your records are off to a good start and keep providing you the information which you use to take your business in to growth phase.

Financial Statements: With us financial statements are more than just data for filing taxes. We make sure you know your numbers and understand them so that you can make effective decisions for your business.

Financial Analysis : It is important that you know what your expenses are and what is the return on investments for you to understand and decide on future course of action. If you are project or job based, it is also important for you to understand how each project/job is contributing to your profits. With us, it is made as a habit to have this information on a regular basis.


“Every penny saved is a penny earned”

Tax Services

Individuals : There are many avenues to save taxes although you are employed depending your life situation. With experience, we explore and suggest all those tax saving ideas which could help save dollars for future too.

Self-Employed : We have enormous experience in working with sole-proprietors and self-employed persons to make sure they are compliant and derive maximum benefit of deductions allowed for tax purposes. We do forward planning for you and make sure that you understand if it is beneficial to incorporate your business or not.

Corporate Tax : Corporate tax is more than just the business numbers. It includes the structure, owners and jurisdiction of your operations. We help you understand the tax implication on your business. We specialize in Information Technology corporation tax returns filing and planning.

Terminal returns and T3 returns

Death is painful. There is so much tax work to handle for the deceased. We help you in preparation and filing of terminal returns and T3-estate returns for the deceased.


Remote Controllership Services, Virtual CFO Services

Controller understands the overall business and guides the business in its appropriate successful path.

We provide you with a financial and business analysis that is easy to understand, actionable and measurable. It allows you to concentrate on building your business and taking informed decisions for your business.

Our services include :

  • Regular financial analysis
  • Financial Planning, Budgeting and reporting
  • Business Financial Plan preparation
  • Profitability analysis


Functional help for implementation of SAP :

If your in-house staff is busy with day to day activities and looking for an experience to help you with getting prepared to implement SAP software for your business, we have all the necessary expertise to guide your business through this phase and leverage the best that SAP system could offer to you.

MAPS Bookkeeping & Tax Inc.

Saikumar, CPA